Design and Aesthetics

    Local architect Donald Loria, who repeatedly participated with architectural projects in biennials, worked with the owners and the management team of Lagarta Lodge to design the renovations and extension. Local craftsmen and artists created the furniture and light fixtures.

    Contemporary design, simplicity, harmony, natural ease – all founded on sustainability and compatibility with the environment.

    The color concept of the Lagarta Lodge is based on the those existing in the tropical hues and blend in a lively way with the landscape. The holistic color scheme is echoed in the interior design, creating the backdrop for the modern art on display. When developing the new design, the owners worked closely with artists from Europe and Latin America, whose works bear witness to the inspiration and energy of this magical place, its rhythms, its colors, its natural wonders. The paintings, objects, and sculptures are born of the artists’ direct experience with the world around them. The natural materials used as well as the thematic references to nature are a profound expression of the beauty in the surroundings: Art and design, sensitive, first-class architecture and nature achieve unity. This setting provides the perfect backdrop for our guests to experience unforgettable moments every day: at the beach, at the river, at the adjacent nature reserve – and high on the cliff, in the elegant and inspiring ambiance of Lagarta Lodge.


    Nature's language

    Look a piece of wood “in the eye” and discover an entire world. Driftwood, fragments of a beach’s history, knows how to tell a story and engage the viewer in a conversation.

    Making Art

    Nature as a source of inspiration

    The bronze sculpture “Fledermaus” (bat) makes reference to the diversity of this species and draws the viewer’s attention to the bats in the surroundings.

    Light and Color

    Touched by nature

    In her colorful sketches, the artist pursues themes and motifs from nature, thus evoking an emotional response. In large and small-format artworks, she adopts the rhythms and color tones of her immediate surroundings with great sensitivity, rendering an authentic impression of nature.


    Color, form, motion

    The artist explores forms of human expression in her studies of motion and her papier-mâché sculptures. The quickly rendered sketches and the deceleration achieved when working the sculptures form an ideal whole, with the search for the composition of form and color determining the pace.

    Illuminated Objects

    Sensuous color

    The sensuous colors of the illuminated objects and images made of teabags lend our spa a relaxing atmosphere.

    Depth of Field

    Symbiosis of the concrete and abstract

    Through the geometric abstraction of form, textiles with dyed, densely woven and braided cotton threads engender a remarkably colorful depth of field. The artist draws on photographs to achieve a symbiosis of concrete and abstract forms.

    The Forest as a mirror

    Recognize yourself

    The pictures of the artist illustrate life in the tropical forest and how the forest dies over time in various forms and how it tells everyone of us an important part of its life, its history, its evolution. They animate us to reflect on our own individual development in their mirrors.

    Catching Happiness

    Finding the center

    Have you ever tried to catch the joy at the center of your dreams? Follow the aesthetic arcs made by the aerial roots in an enchanted world of mangroves. Loved by life, every moment – enter into the secret, find your center, yourself. 


    In dialogue with wood

    In a dialogue with wood, idiosyncrasies such as fissures, crevices, bumps, snags, and edges are addressed and tended to, leading to the advent of a clear line. Attitudes of equanimity, motion, and balance all contribute to the articulation of form. The sculptures retain an element of open abstraction that calls forth personal imagery in the viewer’s mind.


    What remains is the essence

    After beginning to live and work with papier-mâché, the artist shifted her focus to the raw materials. In her work, careless treatment of paper and the daily influx of information undergo a process of metamorphosis. Old stories become new and give rise to new dimensions. Everything dissolves in a cycle of becoming, being, and decaying. What remains is the essence.

    Magical Memory

    In communication with ancestors

    The cultural traditions of the indigenous Maleku people and the magical thinking practiced in their tribe are a major source for the artist’s creations. The sculpture in the photograph embodies an artistic exploration of Urutec, the god of the hunt.

    Center of being

    Sea green embraced, dancing sky blue

    The artist's bowls awaken when turned by lightness & attention. They reflect in color, form and interplay a moment of light play, thoughts and their own setting in space & time.

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