Mind, body and soul

    Happiness begins when we forget about time. The Spa Vista Manglares complex is an extraordinary oasis of relaxation and regeneration, offering guests mesmerizing views of mangroves and striking giant trees. We invite you to discover your own, personal treatments and therapies, or to practice yoga in a relaxing environment.

    Wellness and spa soothe mind, body, and soul.



    Body work and massages.

    To fully relax, body, mind, and soul need to be brought into harmony. Discover your own, personal treatment from a wide range of restorative and healing offers. For example, a classic massage to relieve tension and relax your body, or another massage technique that uses warm volcanic rocks to create a link between traditional massage and energy work.


    Calm and strength.

    A meditative yoga method will help you turn your attention inward and practice mindfulness, uniting body and soul. Individual body types and limits are accommodated in the sessions. The overall goal is to guide you into a state of deep relaxation and concentration. “Be still and know.” We believe in the healing power of self-awareness and personal responsibility, mindfulness, resilience, relaxation, breath, and concentration.